Original Phoenix Projector Replacement Lamp for BenQ 5J.J5205.001

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Original Phoenix bulb only or with Housing for BenQ 5J.J5205.001. The lamps are manufactured using high quality standards and technology. We are an authorized distributor for Philips, Osram , Ushio & other major lamp manufacturers.

Part Numbers: 5J.J5205.001, 5J.J5205.001, 5J.J5205001, 5JJ5205.001, 5JJ5205001, 9H.J6277.13L, 9H.J627713L, 9HJ6277.13L, 9HJ627713L

Model Numbers: EP5127, EP5127, MP500+, MP500+, MS500+, MS500, MX501, MX501-V, MX501V