Original Osram Projector Replacement Lamp for Epson ELPLP88

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Original Osram P-VIP bulb only or with Housing for Epson ELPLP88. The lamps are manufactured using high quality standards and technology. We are an authorized distributor for Philips, Osram , Ushio & other major lamp manufacturers.

Part Numbers: ELPLP88, ELP LP88, ELP-LP88, ELPLP88, EP V13H010L88, EP-V13H010L88, EPV13H010L88, H010L88, V11H690020, V13H010L88

Model Numbers: 955WH, Powerlite 955WH, Powerlite955WH, 965H, Powerlite 965H, Powerlite965H, 97H, Powerlite 97H, Powerlite97H, 98H, Powerlite 98H, Powerlite98H, 99WH, Powerlite 99WH, Powerlite99WH, EB-945H, EB 945H, EB-945H, EB945H, EB-S130, EB S130, EBS130, EB-S29, EB S29, EBS29, EB-S300, EB S300, EBS300, EB-S31, EB S31, EB-S31, EBS31, EB-SX27, EB SX27, EBSX27, EB-U04, EB U04, EB-U04, EBU04, EB-U130, EB U130, EBU130, EB-U32, EB U32, EBU32, EB-W04, EB W04, EB-W04, EBW04, EB-W130, EB W130, EBW130, EB-W29, EB W29, EBW29, EB-W31, EB W31, EB-W31, EBW31, EB-W32, EB W32, EBW32, EB-W420, EB W420, EBW420, EB-X04, EB X04, EB-X04, EBX04, EB-X130, EB X130, EBX130, EB-X27, EB X27, EB-X27, EBX27, EB-X29, EB X29, EB-X29, EBX29, EB-X300, EB X300, EBX300, EB-X31, EB X31, EB-X31, EBX31, EB-X350, EB X350, EBX350, EB-X36, EB X36, EB-X36, EBX36, EB-X39, EB X39, EBX39, EH-TW5210, EH TW5210, EH-TW5210, EHTW5210, EH-TW5300, EH TW5300, EH-TW5300, EHTW5300, EH-TW5350, EH TW5350, EH-TW5350, EHTW5350, EH-TW5350S, EH TW5350S, EHTW5350S, EX3240, EX3240, EX5240, EX5240, EX5250 Pro, EX5250, EX5250Pro, EX7240 Pro, EX7240, EX7240Pro, EX9200 Pro, EX9200, EX9200Pro, H682, H682, H683, H683, H686, H686, H687, H687, H688, H688, H688A, H688A, H690, H690, H691, H691, H692, H692, H694, H694, H716, H716, H717, H717, H718, H718, H719, H719, H720, H720, H721, H721, H722, H722, H723, H723, H730, H730, H763, H763, H764, H764, HC1040, HC 1040, PHC1040, PowerLite Home Cinema 1040, PowerLite Home Cinema1040, PowerLite HomeCinema 1040, PowerLite HomeCinema1040, PowerLiteHome Cinema 1040, PowerLiteHome Cinema1040, PowerLiteHomeCinema 1040, PowerLiteHomeCinema1040, HC2040, HC 2040, Home Cinema 2040, Home Cinema2040, HomeCinema 2040, HomeCinema2040, HC2045, HC 2045, Home Cinema 2045, Home Cinema2045, HomeCinema 2045, HomeCinema2045, HC740HD, HC 740HD, PHC740HD, PowerLite HC740HD, PowerLite Home Cinema 740HD, PowerLite Home Cinema740HD, PowerLite HomeCinema 740HD, PowerLite HomeCinema740HD, PowerLiteHome Cinema 740HD, PowerLiteHome Cinema740HD, PowerLiteHomeCinema 740HD, PowerLiteHomeCinema740HD, PowerLite 1224, PowerLite-1224, PowerLite1224, PowerLite 1264, PowerLite-1264, PowerLite1264, Powerlite 1284, Powerlite 1284, PowerLite Home Cinema 2040 3D, PowerLiteHomeCinema 2040 3D, PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 3D, PowerLiteHomeCinema 2045 3D, Powerlite S27, H694a, Powerlite-S27, PowerliteS27, PowerLite S31+, H719A, PowerLiteS31+, Powerlite U32+, Powerlite-U32+, PowerliteU32+, U32+, S27, EB S27, EB-S27, EBS27, Powerlite S27, Powerlite X27, PowerliteS27, PowerliteX27, X27, VS240, H719A, VS340, VS340, VS345, VS345, W29, Powerlite W29, PowerliteW29