Original Philips Projector Replacement Lamp for Sony LMP-D213

Sale price $60.49 Regular price $112.78

Original Philips UHP bulb only or with Housing for Sony LMP-D213. The lamps are manufactured using high quality standards and technology; and provide the best picture quality, brightness and lifespan.

Part Numbers: LMP-D213, LMPD213

Model Numbers: VPL-DW120, VPL-DX120, VPLDW120, VPLDX120, VPL-DW122, VPLDW122, VPL-DW125, VPL-DX125, VPLDW125, VPLDX125, VPL-DW126, VPL-DX126, VPLDW126, VPLDX126, VPL-DX100, VPLDX100, VPL-DX102, DX102, VPLDX102, VPL-DX122, DX122, VPLDX122, VPL-DX127, VPL DX127, VPLDX127, VPL-DX130B, VPLDX130B, VPL-DX140, VPLDX140, VPL-DX142, VPL DX142, VPLDX142, VPL-DX145, VPLDX145, VPL-DX146, VPLDX146